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My Minecraft Experiences!

Me and some friends in the Halloween lobby of Hypixel! Happy Halloween!

My Minecraft Skin (shown below on left) is a baby skin. I use this skin for certain rps, and my usual skin is shown to the right.
I play many Minecraft servers. some include:
hypixel, Jonny wolf, thunder mine games, Colorado Blocks, biocraft, rebirth craft, and many others. out of all of my servers I have a favorite. CHRISBOT. send me your server ip using email (just use contact) and id love to stop by!
I play with many people including: Sidious82, fluffypants328, germanshepard, corbnotsteve, Rarracuda, panda_au, and many MANY others that my mind cant think of at the moment.

<- fluffy_pants328, adapotada12, lazyluvbug in a temple

and what in the word is this....

(The other person is my brother)

me and my friends would like it if you share this link and let others visit as well! remember to leave a comment!
hey, and for the people who did this, please DONT LET ME SEE IT AGAIN! I don't know what you expect people to do! I did not report you, but it makes me super mad. if you apologize everything would be fine. I'm sorry for putting it to this. \ / btw you suck at spelling
they are now named:
xXthefirelordXx and xXtherubieboyXx